Connecticut Yankee born . . .

I have  been residing in California since  
1981 and 
 recognized for my visual art for over 40 years.
Over the past 20 years, 
 I have found
 my artistic
 for my photography, painting & writing
along paths less traveled in
he Sacramento - San Joaquin river delta region of California. 

My  visual art is prominently displayed in many
 businesses and  homes  throughout the United States.
Each piece conveys a personal message
that welcomes & invites everyone to enjoy. 


  Art Prints, Wall Art, Clothing & More

A Photo Essay 
February 24, 2015

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 Our Story began on April 7, 2012, after the mother of our daughter
 died from cancer on Valentine’s Day in 2012. 

I purchased a West Wight Potter
 to Motor-Row-Sail 2 create more awareness
 2 find a Cure 4 Cancer. 

Our adventure has taken Floyd & I on several course changes, 
but none has curtailed us from continuing our journey. 

Along the way, Floyd and I realized that . . .

Until a cure is available to "ALL" regardless of one’s ability
 2 pay 2 SURVIVE . . .  There is no cure.

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A Photo Essay 
April 17, 2015

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